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SEO service is one of the important role playing platform of Digital Marketing as it is done in two ways one page and off page. Well for better performance we always work on both of those technique for getting organic traffic and better result. For promoting your services SEO is one of the major role playing module. 

Basically SMO stand for Social Media Optimization which has become one of the most popular way to promote business online with its own strategy. These days Facebook & instagram marketing are used widely for branding. Facebook marketing has made online marketing more easy to reach to your targeted audience. 

Social Media Marketing is know as paid marketing here we promote for brand awareness and more over lead generation targeting to the right audience for better ROI. For marketing we target Facebook, Instagram & YouTube mostly. 

Search Engine Marketing or PPC. In SEM there are few great platform to perform like bing & google. There are some more but these two are used widely. Mainly asian digital marketing agencies uses google ads for promotion and reaching to more targeted audience. We can target audience all around the globe in very short time through SEM. 


Video marketing is consider as the next generation digital marketing in coming days. Audiences are preferring watching videos more for than reading articles. YouTube is engaging more audience with high CTR due to the real content featuring. Less or more if we don’t find our required articles on google we jump to YouTube so it is consider as the next generation Digital marketing. 


Email Marketing is one of the low money costing marketing as comparing to SEM & SMM. It can also be done in organic way. Here also we can target our required audience of specified group of people. As it is commonly been used these days it has become popular due its simple and smart way of marketing.


In Digital marketing affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money if you are expert in Email marketing, Google ads, Video marketing and some more ways. In affiliate marketing being a digital marketer we promote the advertiser’s Products & services for more sales or leads and instead of that we get some dedicated percentages according to EPC or leads conversion.  


Website is the basic step of switching your business online. We can make website at any platform but we need to make sure that it should be responsive on desktop as well as mobile. more over we have to make sure that it should be SEO friendly to get index online. And website designing can be done through Coding as well as CMS platform like WordPress or magneto  and some more powerful platform.


Google My Business is also known as Local Business listing. It is one of the powerful feature. Google have provided for the users to expand their business online and target more customers by showing ads over there with picture, product description, tags & much more. So i strongly recommend to get your business listed no this platform to get hike.

What I Found After Knowing Digital Marketing

Digital marketing freelancer in Nepal

Things grows more beautiful with digital ideas.

Before knowing Digital Marketing i was like the 1st tree with limited choice. But many things changes in me when i became Digital Marketer to serve people like you. Now i feel like the second tree of the above photo.

digital marketing freelancer in Nepal

Why Entrepreneur Loves Digital Marketing A Lot?

In 21st century everyone is running behind brand which is not so easy. After a long case study, we built confidence to dare it. With required resources and tons of strategy planing. And that is only possible if we think as Entrepreneur through DM.

Digital Marketing Nepal

Why 99% startup fails within 6 months?

It is easy to plan startup and get place to start it. But it is very risky if we don’t target the right audience for it which is hard to manage from traditional marketing for that digital marketing is the right choice even to monitor them.

Digital Marketing agency in Nepal

"Let people search you not as competitor but as a mentor."

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